Help for Businesses during Covid-19 epidemic

  We at Oxon Accountancy are ready to provide you further information and updates regarding any claim you would like to make during Corona Virus epidemic crisis. Covid-19: Job retention SchemeDuring these unprecedented times Government has announced various financial support packages for businesses. one of them is Job retention Scheme The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is a temporary […]

Employer issues with auto-enrolment

Employer issues with automatic enrolment Policy success, but headache for employers? Back in 2012, less than half of private-sector employees in the UK had a pension scheme. Today, that figure is 85% and this huge increase is due to the successful rollout of auto-enrolment. It started with the largest companies and now applies to employers […]

HMRC’s approach to taxing cryptocurrencies

Cryptoassets: The revenue’s tax stance HMRC updates tax guidance for digital currencies. Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have grown steadily into the public consciousness, and the taxman’s too. Once the realm of geeks and hackers, cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream. In late 2017, the price of a single Bitcoin surged to about […]

Insider February 2020

Thousands file tax returns through self-assessment over Christmas Thousands of taxpayers used the Christmas break to file tax returns for 2018/19 through self-assessment. Statistics from HMRC showed that 34,292 taxpayers submitted tax returns between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Precisely 22,035 taxpayers filed on 24 December 2019, followed by 3,003 on Christmas Day and 9,254 […]

Tracing lost pension plans

Tracing lost pension plans Billions of pounds lose in unclaimed funds. Helping you plan for your retirement is one of our core services, ensuring you are prepared when the time comes to call it a day. With medical advances enabling more people to live for longer, the average person who retires at 65 lives for […]

Tax implications of providing company cars

Tax implications of providing company cars Does it pay off to provide zero-emission cars? Offering a company car as a benefit can be a valuable and attractive perk to any valued employee. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily a tax-free perk and it may be liable for PAYE because HMRC considers the private use of a […]

Year-End Tax Guide 2019/20

How to use this tax guide The last few months of the tax year are the ideal time to pause and reflect, and to make sure you’ve organised your finances as efficiently as possible before the new tax year begins on 6 April 2020. It’s important to consider this from every angle: have you maximised […]

The case of the missing Budget

It’s been an eventful few years in British politics, but 2019 has been something else again with one jolt after another.

The 29 March deadline for the UK to leave the EU was extended to 31 October and then again until 31 January 2020. Boris Johnson replaced Theresa May as Prime Minister and Sajid Javid succeeded Philip Hammond as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Insider: November 2019

Messages aim to promote pension saving to the self-employed A government-backed pension provider is trialling emotive messages to nudge sole traders to start retirement saving. The messages from NEST aim to persuade the self-employed to sign up for pensions through payment or accountancy platforms or trade and industry bodies. Four messages are being tested to […]

Capital gains tax planning

Capital gains tax planning Tax changes to private residences for 2020/21. From 6 April 2020, HMRC is proposing three significant changes which will potentially increase the capital gains tax paid on the disposal of any residential property by an individual. These changes seek to raise extra revenue from the disposal of residential properties and to […]