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When it comes to Abingdon AccountantsOxon accountancy has established its name in the last 17 years.  Worked with many

  1. Startup company services
  2. Driver accounting
  3. Company tax services
  4. Personal tax accounting
  5. Yearend taxation
  6. Tax saving
  7. Mortgage planning
  8. Property tax accounting services
  9. VAT
  10. Bookkeeping
  11. Payroll knowledge

Oxon Abingdon Accountants offers year-end accounting services. Please visit us or enquire about the requirements so that we can assist you.

Helping businesses of Abingdon area in COVID-19. We also provide CIS claim services in Abingdon.

Oxon accountancy In the Abingdon area, we also provide consultation and a way forward for

Companies require a fast, efficient and dedicated service without the traditional fee-spiraling discussions/meetings. which serve very little or no benefit to them as the client rather they want materialistic results. We value time as money and considering our cloud accounting approach. we are way ahead and provide faster automated results.

Abingdon Accountants
Abingdon Accountants oxon accountancy

Abingdon Accountants –

Tax Card 2020/21

* The personal allowance is reduced by £1 for each £2 of income from £100,000 to £125,000 (2019/20, £125,000).

** Any unused personal allowance may be transferred to a spouse or civil partner, where the recipient is not liable to higher or additional rate tax.

*** Note that landlords and traders with gross income from each of these sources in excess of £1,000. can deduct the allowance from their gross income as an alternative to claiming expenses. Please refer to the following post for more details –

Personal cryptocurrency taxation in Abingdon UK

HMRC recognises that most individuals will hold cryptocurrency as a personal investment, hoping for capital appreciation.

Therefore, the most likely tax scenario will be that of capital gains tax. So you may have to pay a tax on your gains, and you may be able to use losses to offset other taxable gains.

While it can be a speculative activity (Bitcoin value has moved by 65% in one day), HMRC does not consider it gambling.

This is a change of position from its 2014 guidance, so there is no capital gains tax exemption to be had on that front. More

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