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We’ll help you claim back your CIS suffered as a subcontractor

As a limited company working as a subcontractor, your contractor will be deducting construction industry scheme (CIS) costs every time they pay you. This amount – known as CIS suffered – can be offset against either PAYE or any corporation tax you owe HM Revenue & Customs.

We can assist you with declaring your ‘CIS suffered’ to HMRC when you need it; this can be under a monthly basis or completely ad-hoc. Contact us.

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Phone: 01235 250011 or Email: info@oxonaccountancy.co.uk.

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CIS deductions: which expenses can you claim?

If you’re working under CIS (the Construction Industry Scheme), There are a ton of CIS deductions you can use to increase your rebate:

1. Car and van expenses

You can claim transport in one of these two ways:

2. Your own tools and safety equipment

You can only claim tools that actually belong to you (not your contractor) and that you bought for work:

3. Meals on the site, travel to and from site

If your contract length is under 24 months, then you can claim:

4. Rent

You can actually claim some of your rent:

Neither of these can get you a lot of money, though – HMRC can argue that construction workers don’t work from home that much.

5. Other things you probably didn’t know you can claim

What you need to do before you can claim something

Is it worth claiming these CIS deductions?

Yes it is. contact Oxon Accountancy and we will try to help you claim as much as we can.

If your expenses are under £1,000 per year, don’t bother with the receipts.

Just claim your £1,000 tax-free allowance instead.

You can also use this CIS calculator to figure out which is the better option for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]